About Us

Since beginning our Real Estate career in 2007, my wife and I have noticed one thing remains true whether renting, selling, buying or investing. If people can’t trust you, your business will fail!
With that simple principle in mind, we decided to expand the buying and selling aspects of our business into property management and rental properties.
To us, operating a business with trust as the number one priority means, not telling people what they necessarily want to hear and failing to deliver, but giving people the most accurate facts possible and providing the best solution to fit each persons needs.

Whether your looking to sell in an impossible Sellers market, able to buy in the best buyers market in 20 years or simply wanting to rent for a couple years to become more familiar with the area, we try our hardest to create a financially sound and profitable solution for each client.
We meet with you in person to discuss a multitude of scenarios and implement a course of action to best fulfill the desired outcome.

Give us a call. We’d love to meet and speak with you!